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Natural Stone & Landscaping Rocks

Incorporating natural stone and landscaping rocks into your landscape design is an excellent way to bring a natural beauty to your yard that can only come from natural stone. RCP Block & Brick’s line of natural stone and landscaping rocks consists of some of the finest stone available in San Diego.


Our selection includes such categories as: Decorative rock ground cover, natural flagstone & slate, polished pebbles, stone veneer, natural cobble stones, landscape boulders, natural building stone, and natural ledge stone.

Landscape Design with Natural Stone:

Whatever your natural stone project may be, RCP Block & Brick’s selection of rock and stone is sure to give you the right choices for the job. When building natural flagstone patios, natural stone walkways or steps through your garden, garden focal points with landscape boulders, dry stream beds, natural stone waterfalls, natural stone ponds, stone garden walls, sprucing up planter areas with beautiful natural polished pebbles, or covering larger areas of your yard with decorative rock ground cover. Regardless of what you are building with our selection of natural stone, the possibilities are endless.

Natural Stone Styles:

Decorative Rock Ground Cover:
An excellent landscape rock choice when looking to cover a large area of your yard with the look of natural stone, or for adding some aesthetic around planted areas. Decorative Rock Ground Cover comes in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes for any project.

Stone Veneer:
RCP has a large selection of natural stone veneer for your veneer project. Great for adding the look of stone to any masonry wall, column, or around a fireplace. Available in an assortment of cuts, colors, and styles.

Flagstone & Slate:
Natural flagstone, slate, and quartzite sheets for constructing flagstone patios, walkways, or stone steps through your yard our garden. These styles of natural stone come in a variety of colors, styles, and thicknesses to perfectly match your project needs.

Polished Pebbles:
The smooth and elegant look of our line of natural polished pebbles are the perfect accent to any yard or garden. The unique look and color availability make these polished pebbles an excellent addition to your project.

Cobble Stone:
These rounded natural cobble landscape stones are great for creating natural stone accents in your yard or landscape design. An excellent choice for features such as a natural stone dry stream beds, ponds, and waterfalls.

Landscape Boulders:
The largest of our natural landscape stones, the landscape boulders are between 15in and 30in. Excellent for creating yard design focal points or when mixing with other matching natural stone styles.

Building Stone:
Used for stone wall construction, lava rock for filling fire pits, or for simple accents around your yard, the unique look and textures of natural building stones from RCP bring a true variety to our stone selection.

Ledge Stone:
Used for everything from constructing natural stone walls, to applying as a stone veneer (with mechanical tie), to simple natural stone accents around your landscape, natural ledge stone is a great choice for your project.

Questions about any of our Natural Stone Styles? Please give us a call and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales staff. We will be able to answer all of your questions!

  • Product Notes:
  • Natural Stone Disclaimer:
  • Products may not be stocked at all RCP Block & Brick locations. Please call for availability.
  • Rock and stone are natural materials and therefore actual color will vary. Please visit an RCP Block & Brick location to view actual product.

Natural stone is a relatively hard, naturally formed mineral or petrified matter, produced by nature. Part of it’s beauty are the veins, color variation, striation and an infinite number of anomalies from fossils to fractures that create the unique look and feel of a natural stone.

Therefore, considerable variations including, but not limited to, color, texture, size, and cleft may and probably will be present.  These “imperfections” in color range, veining, and texture are responsible for creating the look, style and feel you are attempting to achieve.

We at RCP Block & Brick strive to obtain and sell the highest quality and most diverse selection of natural stone available in the market today.  Even though we do provide as much information as we have regarding any particular stone, it is still necessary for you to understand and accept one tried and true fact and a few possibilities about natural stone before making your final selection.

Possible changes may include, but are not limited to:

  • Dissolution - A process where some minerals are dissolved in water.
  • Oxidation or “Rusting” - A process accelerated when iron-bearing minerals are exposed to high temperatures, moisture & oxygen.
  • Spalling/Flaking - Caused by Freeze/Thaw, Thermal Expansion, Wetting & Drying or exposure to Salts.

Several factors influence the type and rate of weathering, alteration and decay of any natural stone but it is important to know that one of these or some other conditions could affect your stone.

All natural stone products are sold “AS IS”. There is no warranty of any kind expressed or implied. This is including, but not limited to the merchantability, fitness or suitability for a particular purpose. As such, the installation or use of natural stone products constitutes acceptance, thereby releasing RCP Block & Brick from any and all claims.

All natural stone products are non-returnable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
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