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Installation: How to Install Geogrid
Installing Geogrid

How to Install Geogrid Reinforcement

  • Use with: Pinned wall systems under certain circumstances
  • Questions? Contact an RCP Block & Brick near your and we will be glad to help!

Step 1: Excavate Reinforced Soil Area

Remove existing soils in the reinforced soil area to the maximum embedment length of the geogrid. Provide a generally level soil condition behind the wall units for the placement of each geogrid layer.

Step 2: Cut Geogrid

Cut sections from geogrid roll to the specified length (embedment depth). Geogrid roll direction is from the wall toward the embankment. Check manufacturer’s criteria for biaxial or uniaxial geogrids. In most cases correct orientation is to roll the geogrid perpendicular to the wall face.

Step 3: Install Geogrid

Hook geogrid over the Keystone pins to ensure a positive mechanical connection between the unit and geogrid. Make sure geogrid is placed within 1 inch of wall face.

Step 4: Secure Geogrid

Pull the pinned geogrid taut to eliminate loose folds. Stake or secure back edge of geogrid before and during backfill and compaction. Remove stakes, if desired, once backfill is placed. Place additional sections of geogrid, abutting each other, for continuous coverage at each layer.

Step 5: Place Backfill Over Geogrid In 8" Lifts

Provide a minimum of 6" reinforced fill coverage prior to driving equipment over the geogrid with tired equipment. Avoid driving or turning vehicles directly on geogrid to avoid excessive damage.