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Installation: Cutting Concrete Units to Size
Country Manor Mailbox Installation

Cutting Concrete Units to Size

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Before starting, be sure to wear proper safety protection such as gloves, eye protection, ear protection. The dust created from cutting concrete units may be harmful, so be sure to also wear a respirator if using powered saw.

Method 1: Chisel & Hammer

  • Using a chisel and hammer will give a rough, jagged cut.
  • Using a straight edge and chalk or pencil, mark trim line around entire concrete unit.
  • With masonry chisel and hammer, chisel a 1/8" deep score all the way around the block.
  • Firmly strike the score with your chisel and hammer to break unit along your scored mark.

Method 2: Powered Saw

Power saws can be rented through most equipment rental businesses or purchased through RCP Block & Brick.

  • Using a concrete cut-off saw or platform masonry saw will give a clean, precise cut.
  • Using straight edge and chalk or pencil, mark trim line on concrete unit.
  • Start saw and line up marks with saw blade. Carefully ease unit into the cut.
  • Take your time and don't try to go too fast.
  • Make sure saw comes to a complete stop before moving cut unit.

Concrete Block SplitterMethod 3: Splitter

(Not Mentioned in Video) Splitters are exceptionally easy to use and can be rented at any RCP Block & Brick location.

  • A splitter will give a fairly precise, but jagged cut.
  • Mark trim line on concrete unit.
  • Insert unit into the splitter, lining trim mark with top and bottom angled teeth/edges.
  • Tighten down the top jaw by spinning the two handles in a clockwise direction until concrete unit is firmly situated between the two.
  • Once secure, pull down on the splitting lever until concrete unit splits.