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RCP Go Green: Green Operations
RCP Go Green

Conservation: The Way We Operate

We at RCP Block & Brick make an effort to help with the Green building movement by looking at conservation of resources, recycling, and sustainability in our products. We not only manufacture a green product, but implement the idea of green living into our day-to-day operations.

  1. We use pre and post consumer recycled content in many of our manufactured concrete products.
  2. We do not use any more than we need. We put back where we can by reclamation or better management practices.
  3. We have used our own manufacturing waste for over 20 years. This results in less transport fuel usage and less waste to landfills.
  4. All harvested natural resources are approximately 100 miles from our manufacturing locations.
  5. Job sites are usually no more than 100 miles from our manufacturing locations.
  6. 1987 - Moved from Johnson Steam Pack curing to Mist Cure Method which has resulted in saving millions of therms of natural gas use. The natural hydration process of the cement in block results in heat that increases the efficiency of the Mist Cure method.
  7. We use BMP Storm Water Practices so that all of our facilities have minimum storm water runoff.
  8. We recycle all scrap metal that has resulted from fabrication and repair.
  9. There is an ongoing reclamation plan in all our sand operations to recreate habitats.
  10. Our trucking fleet has been retrofitted to meet the future Carb Standards before law has actually required us.
  11. Our crushers have been changed from diesel to cleaner electricity: 2001 - Santee Plant, 2010 Otay Plant.
  12. We reclaim dust from our tumbling and shotblast operations and direct it to recycling.
  13. We reclaim land where raw material was extracted with construction waste that would otherwise have ended up in a land fill.
  14. New RCP buildings use natural day-lighting to minimize energy use.
  15. Office spaces have been retrofitted with high efficiency fluorescent lighting.
  16. We are removing the need for paper by moving to a paperless record storage.