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Outdoor Fire Pits & Accessories

Outdoor Fire Pits are becoming the most requested feature in San Diego backyard design today. A backyard fire pit adds a warming ambiance that will have your friends and family gathering around to enjoy your outdoor living area. RCP Block & Brick has a variety of fire pit kits and fire pit styles that can be custom built...


...to your fit your fire pit plans or fire pit ideas. When it comes to custom sized fire pits, the only real limitation is your imagination.

RCP’s Fire Pit Kits are all inclusive and easy to build. Our fire pit kits are designed to be simple wood burning fire pits, but are easily converted to propane or natural gas fire pits with a few available accessories. In addition to the kits, RCP Block & Brick has many other products that can be used in constructing a custom fire pit or sparking your own fire pit ideas. Simply choose a style of block and have an approximate size in mind, and we can help you determine the quantity of product that will be needed.

Whether you are looking to build a wood burning fire pit, propane fire pit, or natural gas burning fire pit, or want to add the beauty of fire glass to your project, RCP Block & Brick has the building materials and accessories to help you complete your outdoor fire pit project.

Outdoor Fire Pit Considerations:

When selecting a site to build your outdoor fire pit, it is recommended that you select an area that is set back at least 10 feet from any structures or other flammable items.

City and county building codes may vary in regards to outdoor fire pits, so check with your local authorities on the proper installation or any regulations that may be in effect in your area. Some areas do not allow the construction of wood burning fire pits and will only allow propane fire pits or natural gas fire pits.

If choosing a propane or natural gas fire pit options, RCP Block & Brick recommends hiring a NFI Certified Technician when making any natural gas and propane connections for any fire feature.

  • Product Notes:
  • CAUTION: If Lava Rock is used as fill for fire pits, be aware that it could “POP” if moisture is present.
  • Not all Fire Pits shown are kits. Some examples are to display the variety of products that can be used when building an outdoor fire pit.
  • Products may not be stocked at all RCP Block & Brick locations. Please call for availability.
  • RCP Block & Brick recommends hiring a NFI Certified Technician when making natural gas and propane connections for any fire pit, fireplace, BBQ, or other fire feature.