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Bulk Products: Gravel, Sand, Top Soil, & DG

Unless otherwise noted, bulk construction materials are available in truckload, cubic yard, half yard, or sack quantities. RCP Block & Brick’s line of bulk construction products includes: Bulk Sand, Crushed Gravel, Pea Gravel, Sand & Aggregate Mix, Decomposed Granite or DG, Class II Road Base, Fertilized Top Soil, All Purpose Mulch...


...and A1 Infield Mix. Selection of bulk products may very between RCP locations, so please call ahead for availability.

Bulk Material Coverage:

When determining needed quantities of bulk materials, approximate that 1 cubic yard of material will cover 160sqft @ 2” depth. Or, 1 sack of material will cover approximately 8sqft @ 1” depth. Coverage may vary slightly between materials. If you need help calculating needed material quantities, please contact and RCP Block & Brick near you and we would be glad to help.

  • Product Notes:
  • Products may not be stocked at all RCP Block & Brick locations. Please call for availability.
  • Bulk products available by the bag, half yard, full yard, and truck-load. Exception: A1 Infield Mix - Available by the truck-load only.
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