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Building Stone: Red Lava Rock

Red Lava Rock Building Stone

From the depths of the earth, lava makes its way to the surface and dries into this rough, jagged natural building stone. CAUTION: If used as fill for fire pits, be aware that if moisture is present Lava Rock can “POP”.

Red Lava Rock Building Stone

Sizing: Varies from 3" to 12"

Available Quantities:
Sold by the pound.

Approximate Coverage Calculations:
Please contact and RCP Block & Brick and we can help you estimate quantities.

NOTE: Landscape rock is a natural product, therefore color and size may vary by load. Please visit an RCP Block & Brick near you to view product samples.

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  • Products may not be stocked at all RCP Block & Brick locations. Please call for availability.
  • Rock and stone are natural materials and therefore actual color will vary. Please visit an RCP Block & Brick location to view actual product.