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Brick Styles

Brick is one of the oldest, most durable building materials used. Available in a variety of different sizes, shapes, colors and styles, there is a brick unit for most any masonry building project. RCP Block & Brick is proud to stock some of the finest brick units available in the San Diego and Riverside County areas.


Our selection of brick comes from the Pacific Clay, McNear, and Whitacre Greer brick companies.

Standard Brick Units:

Standard brick units, also referred to as "Full Brick", are the standard size clay brick used in residential and commercial masonry building applications. Full lines of brick are available from the leading Southern California brick manufacturers. RCP Block & Brick stocks a selection of their most popular colors and common sizes.

Split Brick Units:

Split Brick units are a thinner version of the standard size units. These clay brick units are designed for use in brick paving applications for your patio or walkway. High strength split brick are available for paving applications that may see high vehicular load such as driveways or parking areas.

Veneer Brick Units:

Veneer Brick units, also referred to as "Thin Brick", are an even thinner than than the split brick units. Veneer Brick is specifically designed for interior and exterior veneer applications. Use of veneer brick is an excellent way to add the look of brick masonry to an existing wall, fireplace, or column without the cost of building the structure out of standard sized brick masonry.

Fire Brick Units:

Fire Brick units are designed for use in areas where high heat is present. Perfect for such applications as lining the firebox within a fireplace, the interior walls of a pizza oven, when creating fire pits, slow roasting in-ground "pig pits", or any other application where high heat is present. Fire brick is available in both standard size brick and split brick units, and in a limited color selection.

Bullnose Brick Units:

Bullnose Brick units have an elegant, rounded "bullnose" edge on one or two sides of each unit. These single bullnose and double bullnose brick are most commonly used for finishing edges in brick masonry, pool coping for around swimming pools, stair treads, and even as wall capping units.

Authentic Used Brick Units:

Authentic Domestic Used Brick are brick units that have been salvaged during the demolition of older brick masonry buildings. These used brick have a unique natural patina and weathering that can only be achieved from years of existence. RCP Block & Brick's selection of authentic used brick varies depending on where the bricks were harvested. A variety of different colors and manufacturers may be available. Please call for current selection.

For more information regarding RCP Block & Bricks current stock and availability of quality clay brick, or for questions regarding your particular project, please contact an RCP Block & Brick location near you and speak to one of our knowledgeable sales staff.

Standard Brick for Brick Masonry
Standard Brick (Full)
The standard brick used in masonry building applications.
Split Brick for Brick Paving
Split Brick
A thinner version of the standard brick used for paving applications.
Veneer Brick
Veneer Brick (Thin)
Extra thin brick for use in wall veneer applications.
Fire Brick
Fire Brick
Specially designed for high temperature applications.
Bullnose Brick
Bullnose Brick
The rounded end gives a finished look for edges.
Used Brick
Used Brick
Authentic used brick from around San Diego County.

Brick Manufacturers:

Looking for all available colors and sizes?
Please visit the following company websites for their full catalog of available brick products. RCP Block & Brick can order these products for you!
Pacific Clay Brick Website
Pacific Clay
McNear Brick Website
McNear Brick

  • Product Notes:
  • Products may not be stocked at all RCP Block & Brick locations. Please call for availability.
  • Products available from any of the listed manufacturers. Please visit their websites for a full catalog of available products: Pacific Clay Products, McNear Brick, and firebrick from Whitacre Greer.
  • Special order products may take up to 2 weeks for delivery.

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