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Glass Block by Seves Glass Block

Thanks to the use of highly-selected raw materials, the introduction of cutting-edge machinery, ancient and experienced techniques of colouring, and the strict monitoring of systematic controls, Seves glassblock transformed the old "glass block" into a modern block of glass. Giving birth to a new and refined architectural furnishing element for interior and exterior ambients in the home or city, which can be "customized" by request according to any project design. Today, the glass block is considered a high-end product and an autonomous subject, rather than just providing a service, the glass block is capable of unique forms and aesthetic realizations that inspire creativity in all architects and interior designers.

To view the variety of products available from Seves Glass Block, please visit the Seves Glass Block Website.

Glass Block Size Samples
A small sample of the styles of Glass Block Available.

Special Order Product:

RCP Block & Brick stocks a limited variety of the most popular Seves Glass Block styles. All other styles will need to be special ordered.

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  • Glass Block is a special order product. Please allow up to 1 week for delivery.