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Artificial Grass & Artificial Turf

RCP Block & Brick’s line of Artificial Turf Grass uses a combination of various synthetic materials to mimic the look and feel of natural grass. Artificial grass has evolved quite a bit over the years. The new synthetic lawn designs on the market today incorporate such design advances as the usage of...


...natural grass colors, varying grass blade lengths, and cutting edge synthetic fibers. These design aspects give RCP Block & Brick’s styles of artificial grass the most realistic appearance available. Some of the highest quality artificial turf available in the San Diego and Riverside areas.

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

  1. Low Maintenance – Artificial grass does not require the maintenance and upkeep of natural grass lawns.  Once installed, artificial grass will only require minimal maintenance over the years.
  2. Cost Savings – The installation of artificial grass will help you save on your water bill and maintenance costs. Artificial turf requires no watering, fertilizing, or mowing.
  3. Appearance – Enjoy a lush, green, natural looking lawn year round. The durability of RCP Block & Brick’s line of artificial grass comes with an 8 year warranty.
  4. Versatility – Artificial turf can be used in all areas, climates, and terrain. This versatile product can be used for front yards, backyards, around your RV or motor home. Artificial turf is also an excellent product to consider when thinking about installing a backyard putting green.

Artificial Turf Terms:

When deciding which style of artificial grass will work best for your turf project, there are a few different design aspects to consider:

  1. Face Weight - This term refers to the thickness or density of the artificial grass. This “face weight” is the weight of one square yard of artificial grass, excluding the turf backing. The higher the face weight, the more durable the artificial grass, and the less needed infill material.
  2. Pile Height - Refers to the actual height of the grass blades in any artificial grass style.
  3. Thatch - Thatch is the short, curly, underlying layer of artificial grass blades. This thatch helps give the artificial turf a realistic appearance of natural grass by replicating the look of wilted or newly sprouting grass blades.
  4. Color - The color mix within the varying styles of artificial grass give you a choice to best match your artificial turf project.

Artificial Grass Project Considerations:

  • Smaller remnants rolls available at RCP locations. Larger orders available through delivery only.
  • Be careful of installation where south facing windows reflect sunlight onto the turf area. There have been a handful of cases where the increased intensity and heat of the reflected light has caused visible marks to the turf surface. Please consult an RCP Block & Brick for more information.
  • Be sure that you keep fires, open flames, cigarettes, and any hot surfaces off and away from the turf. The turf does not burn (won’t hold a flame), but it can melt at temperatures above 130° C (320° F).
  • Synthetic lawns are usually warmer than natural lawns, but they will not burn. Using crumb rubber in-fill contributes greatly to the heat factor. We sell sand in-fill which stays about 30% cooler than rubber. Crumb rubber is only recommended for use on sports fields.
  • If pets will be "using" the artificial turf area, it is highly recommended to apply Turfresh under the turf installation as well as within the turf fill to eliminate and control odors.

Artificial Turf WarrantyIf you need assistance choosing the right artificial turf for your next project, give RCP Block & Brick a call and our knowledgeable sales staff can help you make the right decision for your particular project. We can also provide a list of preferred artificial turf installers to help you get your turf project installed right.


Trilogy II Artificial Grass
Trilogy II
65oz - 1.625" Pile (approx)
Maderas Artificial Grass
60oz - 1.75" Pile (approx)
Vineyard Artificial Grass
70oz - 1.75" Pile (approx)
Morgan Run Artificial Grass
50oz - 1.625" Pile (approx)
Riverwalk Artificial Grass
32oz - 1.25" Pile (approx)
Crosby Putt Artificial Grass
Crosby Putt
50oz - .5" Pile (approx)
Morgan Run Artificial Grass
La Costa COOL
50oz - 1.625" Pile (approx)
Morgan Run Artificial Grass
Silverado COOL
50oz - 1.625" Pile (approx)
Morgan Run Artificial Grass
Carlton Oaks COOL
50oz - 1.625" Pile (approx)
Morgan Run Artificial Grass
Pala Mesa COOL
50oz - 1.625" Pile (approx)
Morgan Run Artificial Grass
Pet Turf COOL
50oz - 1.625" Pile (approx)
 Artificial Turf Accessories
Additional products you may need for your artificial turf project
  • Product Notes:
  • For any questions regarding our line of Artificial Turf Grass, contact an RCP Block & Brick near you.
  • Smaller remnants rolls available at RCP locations. Stock changes so call for availability.
  • Larger turf orders available through delivery only. Available in 15' wide rolls and custom cut up to 100' in length.

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